The Weekend Hack


We all chase our nine to five routine every week and await the weekend to relax. It is the best time to take your mind off all the hustle of that week. So wouldn't it be amazing to rejuvenate yourself within the weekend and feel excited about Monday morning rather than dread it? Here are a few of our weekend hacks to kick off a great week ahead.


Work out with your partner

Face your workout challenges together and motivate each other - and maybe treat yourselves to a relaxing spa after. You now what they say: “Couple who sweat together, stay together!”

Play or learn a sport!

Don’t give up on your sport because you don’t have time for it - replace your morning run by playing the sport you have always loved. Get your friends together for a game of tennis or football, what better way to spend some time with them!

Make time for your hobbies

Whether its knitting, writing a blog or baking, make time for it over the weekend. Release your stress and rejuvenate your mind, Mondays will never feel better.


Get out of the city

Plan a weekend away from the city hustle - get closer to nature and breathe in some fresh air. Nothing better than a nice cosy weekend in the countryside to reflect and recharge for the week ahead.

Practice mindfulness

We are all so busy and mindfulness is a great way to clear your thoughts and enjoy the present. We loved Alison Canavan’s quick mindfulness guides about reconnecting to our breath, nature, nutrition and gratitude - give it a go!

Plan your meals:

Fail to plan and plan to fail - so true when it comes to our weekly meals. Don’t compromise for an unhealthy dinner, plus it is one thing off your everyday checklist. Here are some winter warmers to incorporate in your meal plans, and don’t forget to sneak in a cheeky cheat meal here and there!

Hope you like our hacks, and comment below if you have more ideas for us to add to the list!