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Myanmar Mobile Education Project, Myanmar


Sports Philosophy and the Freedom for Children Foundation have recently teamed up with the Myanmar Mobile Education Project, or MyMe; a program which brings non-formal education to child labourers. 

Launched in January of 2014, MyMe is a unique education and outreach program that provides schooling and assistance to children who have been compelled into servitude, by bringing the classroom to them--directly where they work (and live). The project was initiated by converting old school buses into mobile classrooms.  

Why do we support this project?

The project has seen tremendous success with over 3,000 children enrolled in the program in Yangon, Mandalay and Kyauk-Se, serving 53 teashops and operating 7 days per week providing 10-12 classes per day. Nonetheless after decades of military rule many more children suffer the hardship of poverty and child labour. We see MyMe as a platform to expand education and create long lasting change in Myanmar where every child can have a brighter future.

Project Lifecycle

Long Lasting Impact

At Sports Philosophy we start with a blank piece of paper. Rather than relying on previous research, we do our own. As part of our Freedom for Children programme, Sports Philosophy recruits impact consultants who we send on fact finding missions around the world.

What does an impact consultant have to do? Apart from travelling, we expect our consultants to connect with local authorities and charities involved in the fight against child labour and meet families who are directly affected by the issue. We want to understand the process which children and their families go through that ends in child labour. Are children's futures pre-destined or is there a process that we can brake? Sports Philosophy is here to answer these questions and develop ideas and projects that can make a real difference!

Interested in becoming an impact consultant? We are looking to recruit new impact consultants early 2017. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates on our programme or send your CV to getintouch@sportsphilosophy.com.


We are Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

Why are we doing this? Each founding member of Sports Philosophy has been in a corporate job for years chasing clients, money and a career at the expense of a balanced lifestyle and often without enough attention to the issues that affect our world. 

In 2014 we set out to change that. With the launch of Sports Philosophy, we established a company that would have a strong corporate social responsibility imprinted in its DNA. The connection to fighting child labour simply comes from our role as a player in the garment industry. Child labour is a persistent issue and we pledge to change that.

Unlike other companies that claim to be responsible or ethical, we don't just give to charity. We have our own charity. That's right! Through the Freedom for Children Foundation, every Sports Philosophy team member is expected to contribute directly to the company's social cause. It is the amalgamation of for-profit with non-profit that sets us apart from others.