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Sports Philosophy New Style

After years in corporate jobs Stella and Matthias decided to launch the world's first truly ethical sportswear brand. Sports Philosophy is all about pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity. 

Our collections include a range of unique prints, reflective art and performance features; and are made with carefully sourced materials that are breathable, sweat-wicking, UV-protective and piling-resistant. 

Each piece is designed with the idea of versatility, style and practicality. Looking good in the gym has never been easier and never look out of place going to and from your workout, or even running straight to brunch after a yoga session. 


New corporate thinking.

Against Child Labour

At Sports Philosophy, we advocate new corporate thinking. Committed to fighting child labour, we are so much more than just another brand. 

As part of our company philosophy, we merge for-profit and non-profit to support a social cause. We strongly believe that every business has a responsibility to give back to society.

We see Sports Philosophy as a platform to promote a long term and sustainable path to supporting social change. As such, we hope to inspire other entrepreneurs and businesses to do the same thereby pushing for a new paradigm in corporate social responsibility.

Find out more about our social cause.


Three Principles that Define Us


Look Good

In fact, we want you to look AMAZING. This is why we only work with the best print designers, source the best fabrics and work with the best producers. We spend a lot of time and energy designing products that are both beautiful and fuel your active lifestyle. A strong sense of self-love and individuality are what should always define us. Express yourself through our products!

Feel Good

When you wear our products for the first time we want you to feel like it was designed for YOU! Life is too short to wear boring sportswear. We know you need more! This is why all our fabrics are sourced from specialists in Italy to offer you comfort and performance, including compression materials to enhance your workouts. Whether you are doing pliés during your barre class, stretching at yoga or squatting and lifting heavy weights in the gym, we want you to feel great!

Do Good

This is what sets us apart from others. We want to run a company that gives back to society. Whatever it is that we do, our actions are likely to impact others. As we probably don't have to tell you, the garment industry has a huge problem with child labour and we are here to fight it. Through our charity, the Freedom for Children Foundation, we support a range of projects. You can find more information here.