Seasonal Recipes: Winter Warmers

Seasonal Recipes:

Winter Warmers


Spicy Pumpkin Coconut Soup (Paleo, vegetarian)

Health benefits:

-       Turmeric: Has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong anti-oxidant. It also prevents premature ageing.

-       Galangal: Has similar properties to ginger - it's high in anti-oxidants and used to aid digestion.

-       Lemongrass: Provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals, as well as being full of anti-oxidants. It is well-known for detoxifying the body, lowering cholesterol and treating insomnia through calming the muscles and nerves to help induce a deep sleep.

-       Chilli: Increases the metabolic rate and therefore helps to burn fat. It also reduces pain and inflammation.

We love:  It’s seasonal, bursting with flavour, not to mention all the health benefits too!

Recipe here

Izy Hossack’s ‘Curried Carrot & Courgetti soup in a jar' (Vegan, GF)

We love: Izy’s soup in a jar is so quick and easy, and makes for a speedy light lunch at work! Change up the flavour base and toppings, or switch in some rice noodles!

Recipe here

Hemsley + Hemsley's Broccoli Soup (Vegetarian)

We love: Such a delicious, simple recipe to stock up on your greens!

Tips: If you’re feeling naughty or on a cheat day, try adding a swirl of cream and some grated parmesan!

Recipe here

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s BBC Good Food Beetroot Soup with Feta (Vegetarian)

We love: The beautifully rich colour and earthy flavours from beetroot, which is also bursting with anti-oxidants, iron and folate. Beetroot has also been proven to lower blood pressure and improve exercise performance.

Recipe here