Fashion Revolution: you can make the difference

‘Be curious. Find out. Do something’

Simple, clear and precise. Fashion Revolution are on a campaign trail to inspire a generation of consumers, designers and fashion enthusiasts, by posing the question ‘who made my clothes?’. The campaign has provoked a vibrant reaction across social media, where millions of Instagramers are encouraged to ask brands ‘#whomademyclothes’ by uploading an image of the inside label of their clothes. The campaign dedicates a full week every year, in remembrance of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed thousands of workers manufacturing for global brands. Within the past week, organisers have held talks, clothes swaps, ethical and sustainable pop-ups, as well as open studios which gives an exciting insight into the emerging world of fairer fashion.

Fashion Revolution have revealed in their Transparency Index that there is still a long road ahead, with only 32 out of 100 brands disclosing a suppliers list (at least the first tier) and even less publishing information about their processing facilities, where dying, printing and finishing takes place. With so few brands disclosing information, it is hard for us to know exactly where the cotton, wool and other fibres are coming from. Without vital information like this, it is hard to stop the problem. This is where we come in, the decision makers, the buyers, the designers. Everyone has the choice to do the right thing. That’s why here at Sports Philosophy, we are working towards a better future, not only for the environment, but for the lives of people; for children who are sold into a trade at an extremely young age.

The power is always in our hands to change something so don’t wait, be proactive. Be curious. Find out. Do something.

Here are some examples of the events that are yet to take place in and around the city, perfect to get involved with or as inspiration for your very own event!


Heirlooms not Landfill! Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair’s 8th Anniversary Special-  May 7th

This vintage fair has been running for 8 years this year making it one of the most respected fairs in London. This year, they are taking on a more fashion focused spirit, so spice up your wardrobe and feel good whilst doing so!

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R E T R O S P E C T London Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale – May 7th

This fabulous vintage sale is held in the heart of Angel where you can rummage to find 1 kilo of clothes worth only £15, all in the name of recycling and reusing!

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The Responsible Sourcing & Faceting Of Gemstones – May 17th

A London based ethical jeweler, Rock Hound, is opening its Hackney studio doors to the public on May 22nd.  In preparation, the brand have invited American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Award winner Lisa Elser of Custom Cut Gems where she will host a number of events where guests are welcome to drinks, topical talks and to take a magical glance at Lisa’s gemstone treasure trove.

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