#SPFitFeb: Core Workout

#SPFitFeb: Core Workout

Washboard abs are most people’s beach body dreams, but even if you don’t have a 6-pack, strengthening your core muscles will benefit you in many ways. The core acts as a stabiliser and the centre of force transfers, so the stronger your core, the stronger you will be. This won’t just happen by doing sit-ups or crunches, but also through functional movements.

Top 5 benefits of a strong core:

1. Reduce Back Pain.
2. Improves your Sports Performance.
3. Build Functional Strength.
4. Better Balance.
5. Better Posture.

What are you waiting for? Join our Core Workout this week and next!

  • Leg Flutters- 30 Seconds
  • Scissor Kicks X 10
  • Leg Lifts X 10

**Repeat 3 times**

Rock it!


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