Pilates with Lottie Murphy

Pilates with Lottie Murphy

This year has seen Pilates instructor Lottie Murphy blossom as she launched a series of Pilates events. From Pilates retreats to an evening of bending followed by Prosecco, Lottie has been sprinkling her passion across London and you can see her work her magic in “Game On!”

Pilates is an exercise that is favoured by many due to its ability to produce maximum results whilst being gentle on the joints. If you look on Lottie’s Instagram page, you will soon find yourself wanting to book into one her classes! Four words, super bendy, super elegant.

Lottie, when did you first fall in love with pilates?

I first fell in love with Pilates at ballet school when I was 16. It made me dance so much better and I feel it kept me injury free throughout my intense training.

So that’s how Lottie is able to move so gracefully and effortlessly!

Being a pilates teacher shows just how deep your love for the exercise is but what do you enjoy the most about pilates?

I love how anyone and everyone can do Pilates, it’s the most functional form of exercise that will keep you fit and healthy and strong for life.

Pilates can easily be adapted to suit your ability but that doesn’t mean that it is easy! We have tried one of Lottie’s classes before and it quickly highlighted our weak spots.

What other exercises do you do to help you to maintain your shape and keep fit and healthy?

I love yoga and classes like Barry’s Bootcamp and Bootcamp Pilates and I also love to walk a lot.

Lottie is also a healthy lifestyle blogger and her blog encourages people to live a healthier life by providing readers with recipes, exercise tips and healthy food ideas. Lottie, What inspired you to become a healthy lifestyle blogger?

I struggled with maintaining a healthy happy weight at ballet college and restricted myself a lot. I was very underweight and was miserable. I decided to fall back in love with food and my body and wanted to share what I was learning about myself, food and fitness with everyone.

You can find all of Lottie’s upcoming pilates events here: http://www.lottiemurphy.com/events/

See you on the reformer machine!