Meet: Ashley Yeater, creator of DEFINE!

Define x SP

On the 3rd of September, Sports Philosophy will be teaming up with DEFINE by Ashley Yeater to host a barre cardio workout for our Freedom for Children Charity.

After a successful Broadway career, Ashley moved to London and launched DEFINE. We catch up with Ashley to learn a little bit more about her fitness journey and the DEFINE concept.

How did your fitness journey begin?

I have always been quite the gym rat. I actually started training in a gym at a very young age because my dance and vocal coaches wanted me build strength and endurance. By my early 20’s I was over at the gym scene and got hooked on taking classes.  I loved the group comradery and the fact that time flew by while working out in a class setting.

Tell us a bit about DEFINE

I launched DEFINE here in London 6 months ago. Define by Ashley Yeater is a barre-based workout that incorporates cardio, strength training, and stretching to rapidly transform your body. My goal for class is to challenge each client so they see results. I want my clients to have fun while taking control and DEFINE a better body, a better mind, and most importantly DEFINE a better YOU

What inspired you to start DEFINE?

I have been teaching fitness for the past 10 years. My big push to launch my own fitness brand came actually from an injury I occurred in March of 2016. I was performing in the Broadway show GIGI and a jump split on stage dislocated my knee and blew out my ACL. I had ACL replacement surgery in June of last year and then I was on the road to recovery. I was inspired by all of my physical therapy moves I was given to help regain control of my body. It was a crazy feeling to learn how to walk and jump again. It was very emotional. When I started to create the formats under DEFINE I structured it with trigger burning moves that leads to burst of cardio and then allows the body to settle with a well deserved stretch.

What makes DEFINE different?

I hope DEFINE stands out from the other barre classes because of its energy and passion. My goal is to make sure each client gets that one on one attention even though we are in a group setting. The importance for a little laughter in class is a plus too. I ask a lot out of my clients but its important to keep the mood fun so they can forget work or nonsense they are holding on too. I also make it a point to change up choreography constantly so it keeps their mind and body guessing.  There is no way you can “phone in” a DEFINE workoutJ

Who is DEFINE suited for and what advice would you give someone thinking of starting DEFINE classes?

Currently DEFINE by Ashley Yeater has two formats launched. You can take a Mixed Level DEFINE class and a Mat Booty Burn class. Both of these formats cater to ALL fitness levels as there are options to lower intensity or add on to intensify.  We always ask before class starts about any injuries going on or someone being “brand spanking new” to barre. We want to make sure each client has the best experience and is looked after properly.

DEFINE launched in London not long ago, what was the most challenging part of launching a new business?

My most challenging part of launching DEFINE in London was finding studio rental and in the right location and time. The heartbeat of fitness in London is really starting to pick up. I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by so many inspiring clients that keep coming back. I just need more studio space to meet the needs. This fall you will find collaborations happening with Third Space and PHIIT London. You will also continue to see us at the Lorna Jane studio space within their store in Covent Garden.

You must be very busy right now! Can you tell us about your fitness routine and what keeps you motivated? 

I don’t do well with down time so I am thrilled to be busy!!  I’m really lucky to train some of the most inspiring clients in London and New York City. The energy and positivity I get from each client motivates me to be the best I can be. I make it a priority to take three classes weekly around London for inspiration. I never want to be stuck in a rut and what better way to stay motivated than trying out other fitness studios and working with other trainers in London. It’s beyond important to support the fitness community!

Since moving to London, what do you like most (and least) about this city?

Well it sure loves to rain here ;) haha!

London is AWESOME!!!

Lastly, what is your Sports Philosophy? 

Work Hard, Play Hard!

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