A Day in the Life of Zara Williams


Meet Zara Williams, our newest Sports Philosophy Brand Ambassador!

Sustainability Consultant by day and Barre Instructor by night, this girl is seriously inspiring and not just because she's constantly on the go, but for her dedication to living a sustainable life and inspiring others to do the same. So here's an insight into a day in Zara's life!

I wake up... at 6.30am every morning by the birdsong alarm tone and light from my Lumie BodyClock. I chuck on some clothes, brush my hair, clean my teeth and head straight into Soho where I'm based for my job as a Sustainability Consultant, tackling environmental and social issues in the property sector.

I get into the office... I head straight for the coffee machine to get a black Americano. Coffee first then porridge, usually with chia seeds and a little date syrup, and then it's time to work.

Off to work, in the diary today… Working for a consultancy, it's something different each day. We advise property owners, occupiers, developers and investors on environmental, social and governance issues so we have a whole range of different services. One of the services I find most interesting is our healthy buildings service, where we advise on how to enhance health and wellness through building design, fit-out and operation. Over my lunch break I like to get outside, even if it's just for 15 minutes. I'm not very good at meal prepping so I often end up at Tibits, Wholefoods or Veggie Pret for lunch.

Done at the office, workout or party? Maybe both? You're much more likely to find me at the barre than the bar! Then home for dinner, which is usually cooked by my wonderful boyfriend Ollie as he is a much better chef than I, before an episode of something on Netflix in bed.

Weekend plans.. This weekend I'll be unpacking the remaining boxes from moving into our new home, having the girls over for a little house warming, and eating as much pizza as I can in an hour and a half at Homeslice for their Slice & Spritz Sunday!  Weekends for me are all about relaxation. Coffee and brunch (pancakes and berries are my favourite) is followed by wandering around an area London, often browsing for bargains in charity shops. On sunny days I like to laze in the park or walk along the canal. A fitness class regularly features at the weekend too, especially if my friend and trainer Chiara Pellegrino has one of her TotalBody London events!

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A few more questions:

1. What is your favourite workout and what got you into Barre and teaching it?
Barre is definitely my favourite workout and that's why I wanted to teach it! You really feel the burn but you have fun too.. well I do anyway! I took ballet and other dance classes from the age of 4 until 18, and then competed and taught for my University. Teaching barre has been a great way to continue with dance-based exercise. 

2. What is your definition of sustainable fashion?
To me, more sustainable fashion combines ethics and aesthetics. It's about long-lasting clothing, both in terms of physical durability and style, made in safe conditions where workers are respected and paid fairly, and using environmentally-friendly materials.

3. How do you see ethical/sustainable fashion developing? 
Increasing access to information is driving the demand for greater transparency in the fashion industry. More and more people want to know how their clothes were made, where and in what conditions. But we're only just starting to see change. Consumers have great influence in the fashion industry as brands rely on our purchases. I hope to see more people making conscious choices and only shopping with brands they believe in, and in return I hope to see more brands listening to their customers and working to improve conditions throughout their supply chain and their impact on the environment. 

4. Top tips to live more ethically/sustainably?
My main advice to anyone wanting to live more ethically or sustainably is just to to make conscious decisions by questioning yourself and your choices, and researching into topics that interest you. My blog generally focuses on how to be a more sustainable consumer, and my top tips for this are:

1. Only buy what you need or love
2. Only buy what you'll use regularly
3. Only buy what will last you a long time (think quality and style over quantity and trend)
4. Only buy into brands you believe in

5. Favourite piece of the Sports Philosophy collection?
My all-time favourite piece of the Sports Philosophy collection is the Peek-A-Boo Vest  because it's simple, elegant and can be worn for both a sweaty workout and night out with the girls!

6. 3 fashion/beauty items you could not live without?
1. My NEOM Energy Burst fragrance - I'm obsessed with the fresh, citrusy scent
2. My Sanqvist Hege rucksack because it's smart, stylish and practical, allowing me to carry everything I need for the day
3. My Dogeared wishbone necklace, because it's simple, sweet and makes me think of my family and my dreams!

Find out more about Zara on her beautiful blog and pages:
@zaralwilliams @sustainablystyled
Blog: www.kindandconscious.com