Brand Ambassador: The Growing Butterfly

The Growing Butterfly

Sarah Leanna Rose


Inspired by The Growing Butterfly's story, we decided to ask her a couple of questions and to share her story with everyone!


1. Describe @thegrowingbutterfly in three words

Empowering body & mind (hope these counts as three!)

2. Describe your typical work and weekend day? 

Being a full-time university student means that most of my time is spent attending lectures, seminars and reading up on the topics covered in the modules. But I make sure to schedule in time for myself, which involves being active, baking/cooking, spending time with family and friends, as well as having chance to completely wind down and reflect on the day.

3. What about health & wellbeing made you want to share it online? 

It was through my own experiences in life that have encouraged me to share my journey through social media. I hope that someone can gain something positive from what I have been through and recognise for themselves that they can be happy and content with who they are. Connecting with like-minded individuals and creating a community that inspires one another to love their body, mind and souls, is such a big part of the reason why I continue to blog.

4. What keeps you motivated to keep your mind & body healthy? 

No one of us will be able to give our best when we aren't at our best, and that goes for every aspect life. Having been through an eating disorder and depression, I know the true value of looking after myself. I make a conscious effort to unite my body and mind together, as they work in harmony to allow you to be your best self.

5. If you could spread one message that your journey has taught you, what would you say? 

There is so much that the journey has taught me so far, and I am still constantly learning each and every day. But one of the greatest things I have learnt and hope to share with others is that 'You are capable of overcoming any adversity that comes your way'. Once you started to improve your mindset towards a more positive outlook, you can face anything and come out stronger for it.

6. Three ways you implement a more ethical/sustainable lifestyle? 

Always look for fairtrade products and organic where ever possible.

I constantly encourage my family to recycle and will try keep any packaging with me until I can find a place to recycle them.


Connecting with different communities and societies in order to gain a better understanding of how diverse the world is as well as having more respect for others values and attitudes.

7. Your favourite piece of the Sports Philosophy collection? 

My favourite piece has to be my very first sports bra from the volcanic collection. It has still retained its fantastic quality even after three years. The fit is absolutely ideal, as it feels so comfortable and supportive.