Fit Feb Challenge

#SPFitFeb Challenge

Now that dry January is over, get fit with our Fit-Feb challenge!

Whether you’re sticking to your new year’s resolution or you just want to get fitter and stronger, join the Sports Philosophy team and challenge yourself doing the following (video below):

1.     How long can you hold a wall sit?

2.     How long can you plank?

3.     How many push-ups can you do in a minute? 

Time yourself on the 1st of Feb and we will be posting a short workout video each week to help strengthen each of these muscle groups. By the end of February, time yourself again and see how much you’ve improved!

We would love to see your progress so tag us in your pictures throughout the month with #SPFitFeb and stand chance to win the ultimate @Sports_Philosophy giveaway!

The winner will get a £50 Sports Philosophy Voucher, a limited edition Sports Philosophy water bottle and a free PT starter session.