It's a Model Fit Life

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be model fit? W Athletic Models Gabi D and Portia P formed a friendship after bonding on the set of a photo shoot last year and together they have created the blog, Model Fit Life. The duo appear in our Heroes video and we caught up with the girls to gain an insight into the Model Fit Life.

Portia and Gabi have travelled around the world for photo shoots and have been featured in some exciting adverts and campaigns. Being a fitness model must be one of the most glamorous job in the world, or so we thought!

Gabi D: The biggest misconception about models is that it's all glamorous. It definitely ISN'T! Most of the time we spend the days waiting around on set, waiting for shots to be taken.

Portia P: The good thing about fitness modelling though, is that often the shoots are active and involve working out. But, that can also be a downside of the job. We have both been on sets where the director really wants us to work out, hard. And when the camera is rolling you can't bow out because you’re not fit enough! So sometimes we come home from a shoot and we're knackered.

Gabi D: That is something that motivates us to keep on top of our fitness, though. Being booked on a job, and not being fit enough to keep up with the shot they want can get slightly embarrassing!

We can imagine that maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle plays a huge part in your daily routine, so tell us about how you keep fit?

Gabi D: We both like to work out together as much as possible, not only because it's more fun when you’re with a friend, but also because we motivate each other and keep each other in check.

Portia P: Our favourite is to get outside whenever we can, and luckily we live in central London so the parks we have on our doorstep are beautiful. We either go on runs, do some yoga or do a HIIT session outside when possible.

You have both been in global campaigns, what is the weirdest or most wonderful place that you have seen your face appear?

Gabi D: A friend sent a photo of himself in front of a poster of me in the men’s loo, in Hong Kong. But don't worry, it wasn't seedy! It was a campaign for Fitness First, and it was in the gym’s loo - so that makes it ok...doesn't it?!

Portia P: A friend spotted me somewhere a little more exotic - on a billboard in Brazil! The campaign was for Tres Semee and my friend sent me a picture of the billboard saying 'this girl looks so much like you' - she hadn't twigged it was me!

The girls rocked their scenes in the Volcanic and Galactic collection and after spending the day shooting in pink and blue, we wanted to hear their verdict.

Gabi D: I love the Volcanic Two Layered Shorts. They're perfect for summer and the splash of colour makes them fun, that and they're super stretchy too.

Portia P: The Galactic Sports Bra!  It's so comfortable and I love the cut of it. It gives me enough support for every type of exercise - from running to yoga.

Check out the Model Fit Life to keep up to date with their latest fitness tips and photo shoots.

Matthias Tietze