The Life of a Heptathlete

Have you ever found yourself watching the Olympics or a Diamond League event and thinking “How do heptathletes become heptathletes? Do they train seven times a day, one session for each event? And what happens if you just can’t do an event?”

Being good at one a sport is hard enough but being able to complete across seven track and field events is pretty impressive.

Heptathlete Chloe Vernon-Hamilton has won many international championships but her talents aren’t just limited to the track and field as she used to play for England and Arsenal ladies! Chloe flew over the hurdles during our Heroes video and we caught up with this multi skilled athlete to learn more about life as a heptathlete.

Let’s get the biggest mystery out of the way, Chloe how did you discover that you were a multi skilled athlete?

As a young athlete I tried various events and discovered that I showed promise in all of them and it developed from there!

What is your training routine like and how do you train for each event?

I train 5 times a week, sometimes twice a day! On my days off I have a massage or physio treatment. I try to fit all of the events in one week but sometimes that's impossible.

We hear you Chloe, sometimes it’s impossible to fit in one gym session a week!

The seven heptathlon events test your strength and stamina but If you could change one of the seven events, which one would it be and what you replace it with?

If I could change any event it would be the 200m and I'd change it for a 400m, which sounds absolutely bonkers but I really enjoy a longer sprint!

Yep, totally bonkers!

What is your favourite event?

I'd have to say my favourite event was high jump! There's no better feeling jumping over a good height and feeling like you're flying!

And your least favourite event?

The hurdles! It's the first event of the first day so I'm really nervous and hoping that I won't fall over!

Being a heptathlete must be extremely rewarding, what would your advice be to anyone considering the heptathlon?

My advice to anyone thinking of taking up combined events would be to expect to give up a lot of time to different events and be patient! Success comes when you least expect it!

What is your favourite piece of clothing from the Sports Philosophy collection?

By far the strappy sports bra was my favourite piece, it's got support and thin straps! Love it!

Chloe’s next competition will be coming up soon we are looking forward to watching her perform. Hopefully the hurdles won’t be the first event!

Matthias Tietze