Compression Clothing

You have probably seen the word “compression” whilst browsing through our website, but did you know that compression clothing can actually help boost your athletic performance?

Our leggings and shorts have a compression effect on your muscles to help assist with blood flow and circulation. An increase in circulation will allow your blood to provide your muscles with more oxygen, which will help you to run faster, lift heavier and improve your overall athletic ability.

Compression clothing also helps to keep your muscles warm to reduce the risk of injury and muscle fatigue. Your outdoor training sessions no longer have to feel uncomfortable during the winter because compression clothing will help to keep your body feeling warm. But, that doesn’t mean that compression wear is limited to the winter months. With its ability to absorb sweat, compression clothing is a must have during the summer months as this feature will help to keep you feeling cooler and less of a sweaty mess!

Compression clothing can also reduce the amount of muscle soreness that you feel after a training session and quicken recovery time.

Our compression pieces won’t turn you into an Olympic Gold medal winning athlete overnight, but they will help to improve your performance and assist you on your health and fitness journey.

Shop the men’s compression shorts and the women’s leggings.